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Nice to meet you, we're Maayan & Gal. 

We provide women living abroad the emotional support, guidance & coaching they want towards a positive life, no matter where they are.
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Are you ready to go from emotionally exhausted, feeling lonely & misunderstood, to feeling more confident, resilient and positive?

Happy you found us!

Everything we do is based on Positive
Psychology and Mindset Coaching, 
as welas our own experience and knowledge
gained through living abroad



Raise your understanding regarding mindset and how it can serve you. 

Introduce positive psychology theory, tools & techniques
so you can apply them into your daily habits.

Help you to reconnect with yourself and be in alignment
with your values, thoughts & actions. 

Provide support & motivation to achieve long-lasting change. 

Work together to release limiting beliefs, frustration & things that hold you back. 

Guide you to create positive & healthy habits. 


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Ready to get the mindset of a strong and happy expat?

The Positive Expat Mindset Guide

Learn exactly what a positive mindset is and how to start improving your life abroad by using it

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"While we are so focused on making a life, we forget to actually live it!"

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