Is your battery running a bit low?

emotional support emotionally exhausted prioritizing yourself self care tips for expats women living abroad Jul 17, 2022

Excuse me, do you have a charger?

How many times have you asked this question?
In today's world we are so connected to our phones that we find it impossible to leave it uncharged. But what about us? What cable are we using to recharge our batteries?

Have you ever felt like you're on "Battery Saver" mode? 
We surely did, and we sometimes still do. It's natural and without the awareness and the right cable... Well we soon find ourselves with 0%. 

Living abroad, requires a lot from us, on a daily basis - mentally, physically and emotionally.  
The big stuff like learning the new language, adapting to the culture, meeting new friends etc. requires energy from us, and a lot of it. 
And there's more, simple things like grocery shopping, something you've done a million times before and was so simple, can become a hassle. 

Each one of those daily tasks, big or small, takes some of our energy and before we notice it - we might find ourselves drained, empty battery, as if we can't to anything at all anymore.

Ever tried to use a simple app on a phone with 1% battery? It crashes. Same for us.
It's a very unpleasant feeling, and because it happened to us more than once, we wanted to share this with you. 

Actually we talked about it on The Coffee Talkie Show this week, you can watch it here on YouTube or listen to it on SpotifyApple Podcast, or Google podcast​ (yes we're everywhere! ) 

So the key, when you find yourself on "Battery Saver" mode, is to recharge. 
Easier said than done, we know. 
Otherwise we would never get to this point right?! 

So here's what you can do: 
1. Slow down, and stop. 
Don't push the break pedal and force it - it might hurt too much. 
But slow down, reduce the intensity of things until you can stop. Now breath. 

2. Recharge.
Ask yourself what give you energy back, and make sure you do it on a daily basis, so you always recharge and don't wait to arrive to a "no battery" stage. Recharging can be many things: music, nature, cooking, dancing, reading, writing, walking, sitting in the pool... You know yourself best! What helps you recharge? Do that. 

3. When you do things that helps you recharge, focus on them.
Don't do it and plenty of other things at the same time. For example, if walking in nature helps you recharge, don't do it while listening to your friend on the phone complaining about her job, as this might leave you with even less energy. Focus on recharging for a couple of minutes, hours, days .. whatever feels right for you, and enjoy it. This is your oxygen, so take it.

We hope this helps you, 
To be honest it's a reminder for us too, so right now we'll stop, breath and recharge. 


P.S  if what we wrote here today resonates with you, we want to tell you that you don't have to go through this on your own. Sometimes the best thing is to talk it out loud and to find the right ways to recharge. We're here for you if you want to chat about it, book a 1:1 free friendly call with us here.


Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

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