Where do you feel at 'home'?

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'Where do you feel at home?', is a question we get asked about a lot!

We moved so much over our lifetime - cities, schools, apartments, countries, jobs . . .
So every time we got asked "where are you from?", or "where is home" - it got us so confused.

But not any more 🥰

This notion of 'feeling home' is a very common topic among those who lived in various places over their lives.

Since we were very young girls - Maayan was just 6 yo, and Gal was only 2 yo - we moved! Change and relocation became a natural part of our world. It brought a lot of amazing things to our lives and we are so thankful for it, but it also brought up some big life questions.

Feeling 'misplaced' was something I (Maayan) carried for a while, thinking it was due to the geographical situation. And I couldn't get past the sense of not belonging anywhere.

We were too Israeli for the French, and too French for the Israeli.

So we moved again, made more changes, let go of old friendships, created new ones, changed careers . . . yet the feeling stayed.

It took us a couple more move, and a lot of inner work to figure our that the feeling of belonging has nothing to do with the place we live in. It's inside of us, inside our soul, our heart.

Since then, we feel at home wherever we are!
We belong to nowhere, and to everywhere at the same time. And it feels great.

So next time someone asks you 'where is home for you?',
Use it as an opportunity to ask yourself if you want to feel at home in a place or in your heart . . .

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Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Julian Bock on Unsplash

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