Hey, we're Maayan and Gal, Founders of Smoozitive!

Thirty-three (OMG!) years ago, we made our first move to a new country, not knowing where the journey would take us.
Eight relocations later (for each of us), we learned a thing or two; ok actually plenty! about moving abroad and living in a foreign country.
We did it the WRONG way; crying, anxious, feeling overwhelmed, miserable, frustrated, stressed - you name it.
And we did it the RIGHT WAY! We understood the processes, approached the logistics right, feeling empowered, confident, good with our choice and all that we have to deal with.
Because let’s be real, living abroad isn’t always a piece of cake - but when you get the ingredients right - it is a real yummy cake!

Recently, we both relocated (separately, of course! We're sisters btw) to France. Maayan now lives here with her husband and two daughters, while Gal is flying solo for now (anyone got someone to introduce her?).

This time around, as you can imagine, we had our fair share of bumps in the road. Our journey involved packing, navigating administration, making new friends, opening bank accounts, putting the girls in school, and even trying our luck in the dating scene - the whole shebang! But through it all, we remained positive and kept things smooth - just like we want it to be for you.
​We couldn’t keep all of our experiences to ourselves! Today, we're respected positive life abroad experts in the expat community, helping people from all over the world prepare for their relocations and create lives they enjoy living, no matter where they are.

Since 2022, our mission is simple : to make life abroad better, simpler, smoother and more positive for as many expats as possible.​

​We figured if we could spare you some of the headaches and sleepless nights we've experienced ourselves,
well, that's a great place to start.

Maayan and Gal founders of smoozitive - thinking

We understand firsthand that the emotional and mental aspects are crucial for a successful relocation, yet they're often overlooked. So, we shed light on this and raised awareness of the matter.

We began by guiding and assisting women move abroad through online courses, coaching, and a supportive community. We've worked with hundreds of women, helping them build resilience, raise their confidence, and adopt a positive mindset to thrive in their new countries.

But inner-work alone isn't enough when it comes to living abroad. With this insight, we decided to expand Smoozitive into a platform that addresses the full range of expats' needs - logistical, social, emotional, and practical - before, during, and after relocation. Oh, and to both women and men!

That's how we came up with the idea for SYLA - Simplify Your Life Abroad, our mobile app for those moving and living abroad.

"The best thing you can do abroad, is live a life you love."

- Maayan & Gal, Founders

For those just getting to know us...

  • Smoozitive is a combination of SMOOTH & POSITIVE.
    Plus, fun fact: for the past 20 years, we've called each other "Smoothy," so we couldn't think of a better name!
  • What Makes Us Dance ? Receiving heartening texts from newly relocated expats ecstatic about their lives and decisions. Spreading joy and busting limiting beliefs about life abroad.​
  • Slightly obsessed with stationery! That's why we've crafted our own line of gratitude journals and notebooks, just because we adore using them.
  • We believe life is about living! Everyone should create a life they enjoy, regardless of where they live or how long they stay. ​

    We can't wait to show you what we mean...
Maayan and Gal founders of smoozitive holding notebook and gratitute journal

A Little More About Us

Maayan Szmelcman Yerushalmy

Founder, Mindfulness Practitioner

Maayan is the imaginative side of the business. After putting aside her successful graphic design business in Israel, she moved to France with her family, and opted to spend even more time with Gal in order to help others handle their expat journeys better, just as she did.

Maayan is an expert in expat mindset training, who blends her own life experience (relocated 7 times, and lives in many more cities) with her substantial yoga, energy healing, and mindfulness skills.
She has helped countless see the good in their life, make changes and feel better about themselves throughout the years.

Fun fact: she's the family's eldest sister, a mother of two, stands on her hands to relax, turns words that stress her out into songs, and her top character strength is Curiosity.

Gal Szmelcman-Sela 

Founder, Positive Psychology Coach

A few years ago, Gal decided to put aside her advertising and marketing career and devote her time and energy to helping others bloom and feel better. With a Master's degree in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, she guides her clients toward the life they desire for themselves.

She has lived in Israel, France, Ireland, the UK, and even spent some time in the USA. Her most recent move to France in 2020 provided an opportunity to focus her work on those living abroad, as she understands the challenges they face. Gal is an expert in cultivating a positive mindset and uplifting others.

Fun facts: she is the middle sibling, making her Maayan's younger sister; she's a shoe addict, an F1 car racing fan, dance her heart out when she's overwhelmed, and her top character strength is Hope.

Thanks for being here and allowing us to be part of your journey abroad. It's truly heartwarming.

Take a step toward the simpler, smoother, and positive life abroad you want. We'll show you how.

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