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At Smoozitive, we're always looking for fresh perspectives, expert's tips and expat's unique voice to contribute to our magazine.

Are you a life-abroad expert with some valuable insights and advices to share? Or someone who's been living abroad for a while with a story to tell? How about a dreamer who's imagining their relocation journey... no matter where you are, and where you're going - your voice matters!
To us, and to our readers. 

We invite you to write for Smoozitive's Magazine. Our blog serves individuals seeking knowledge, guidance, inspiration, and practical tips for life abroad. By contributing to Smoozitive, you'll have the opportunity to reach a global audience of expats, digital nomads, and individuals interested in living in different countries.

Our mission is to simplify the lives of expats worldwide: by providing practical informations, answering their needs and most common questions, promoting positivity and empowering them to create a life they enjoy living - no matter where they are.  

Please read through this page before submitting the form or contacting us.

What We're Looking For:​

  • Magazine like writing : We aim for simple, casual words, friendly and pleasant to read articles. Think of the article you would have liked to read, and write that. 
  • Expert Touch : Life abroad involves so many fields and areas of expertise, and we know you're the best one in your field! So how about you share some one your knowledge with our readers? 
  • Real Life : Share your insights and experiences about moving and living abroad. From discovering a new country, dealing with the various challenges, finding yourself, your favorite new coffee spot, to navigating cultural differences and learning new language. We (and our readers) want to hear it all.​

💡Not sure what to write about yet? No worries! Send us an email, and we'll loop you into our contributors' list. Every month, we send out article topics and ideas. This way you could just pick one, pour a cup of coffee, and start to write.

Article Submission Guidelines:

​​1. Original Content : We value originality and authenticity. Please ensure your submission is unique and not duplicated from another website or publication. We check each content before publishing it, so please submit only high-quality content you've written by yourself.

​2. Informative and Useful : Share practical, relevant, and informative tips or guides related to life abroad, expats, digital nomad lifestyle, country and city guides, positive empowerment or any suitable content for our audience.​

3. Post Length : We recommend posts between 800-2000 words to provide depth and value to our readers.​

​​4. Relevant Imagery : When possible, please add to your article high-resolution images that you either have the rights to, or are royalty free. If you don't have any, no worries, we will add some for you.

​5. Inside Links and Sources : If you mention a study or specific information that isn't your own, include a link to that source. Plus, if you refer to something in your article, a special place, another site, a practical recommendation - make sure you include those links too.

✨ Just a heads up, if we go ahead with your piece, we might make a few tweaks to make sure it fits our editorial and SEO guidelines. This way, your content gets a better chance to shine on search engines!

Ready to submit?​

​​Email us to contribute@smoozitive.com with your article ideas or full text (in word or docs format). 

We review every submission we receive and either way  aim to respond within 14 days. If it's a YES, we will ask for some additional information like your short bio, links, images, publication approval etc. 

What about...?

... all the other stuff? Well if you're interested in partnerships, sponsorships, collaborations, pitches, have a burning desire to contribute content to our awesome mobile app SYLA or simply want to say hey, just drop an email to our founders, Maayan and Gal, at info@smoozitive.com. You can also slide into our DMs on Instagram @smoozitive.

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