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How to navigate your SYLA app

Getting around SYLA app is as simple as can be

SYLA app was created to provide you with a simple and valuable experience. You can get all the information you need about life abroad, in one place.

As for now on SYLA App, you will be able to navigate through 3 different tabs: Home, Programs, and Magazine.
So let's dive into these tabs together:

Syla app by smoozitive home page

Home Tab:

If it's the first time you open the app - that's what you'll see.

Here you'll be able to start navigating our highlighted programs of the moment that we believe are the most suitable for you and your unique journey abroad.

At the bottom of this page, you'll see a series of 'Shorties' - those are our super short videos that are very topic specific and give you a quick tip, hack or answer a 'burning' question many expats face.

If you already started a program, you'll be able to continue your progress straight from here. 

Syla app by smoozitive home page smartphone
SYLA programs categories and inside a category

Programs Tab:

This is where our uniquely original programs are displayed for you and organized by categories so simplify your navigation. 

As you can see, you have 3 tabs here: continue, discover and completed. 

We categories all the experts video programs in those 6 categories: Work & Career, Culture Shock, Just Living, Family & Wellness, Law & Order and Money Stuff. 

When clicking on each category, you'll be able to find all the available programs within this category. 

Can't find a program you wish we had on the app? Write us here: and we'll do our best to find the perfect expert to create this new content for the app. 

SYLA programs categories and inside a category

Programs Tab:

Once you started a program, it will appear in this tab, so you can keep track of your progress. See exactly how many videos have you watched, and how many are left.
And start exactly where you left last time you used the app. 

That's where you'll find a summary of all the programs you've completed fully.
Once you watch all the videos available in a program, it will move to this tab. 

continue programs and completed tab inside syla app
SYLA programs categories and inside a category

Magazine Tab:

While our primary focus remains on human-centric, bite-sized video content, we also wanted to offer you the chance to delve into real-life experiences shared by expats and digital nomads from around the globe.

Moreover, this section is home to magazine-style articles crafted exclusively for SYLA by experts in the field of life abroad. Covering a wide array of topics we know are crucial to your expat journey's success, these articles aim to provide valuable insights and guidance.

We refer to it as a Magazine because it's more than just text on a page. Much like the expat lifestyle itself, it encapsulates emotions, dreams, and the essence of living abroad. These articles are designed to accompany you on this journey together.

So, dive in and explore. Happy reading!

SYLA programs categories and inside a category

Haven't downloaded SYLA app just yet? 

It's truly as simple as it gets. The SYLA app is available for free download via your app store, whether you're on Android or iOS. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can find more information about how to subscribe to SYLA here.