A brunette (Maayan) and a blonde (Gal) who are Life Lovers, Expats, Podcasters, Authors, Course Creators, Game Changers,  Dreamers, and the World's best sisters!

Our journey as expats didn't begin yesterday; rather, it did so 31 years ago. And how could we say it in a delicate way, it wasn't always so smooth or positive...

In fact, within the past ten years alone, you could have found Maayan having an anxiety attack while trying to imagine what her life would be like in Nigeria, and Gal sobbing and miserable on her sofa after leaving London. We thought we knew better by then, but it turned out we had an important lesson to learn.

Although change came naturally to us (we each relocated more than 8 times), it did not make the journey any easier. We had to go through several life-turbulences before realizing that what was preventing us from creating a life we actually enjoy living wasn't out there. It's not about the country we live in, or the people that live there. It is within ourselves and how we approach each place and situation. 
We both recently relocated (separately) to France, where we currently live - and this last move was GREAT for each one of us. Maayan with her husband and two daughters, and Gal on her own (do you have someone to introduce her to?).

It was Smooth & Positive - just like we want it to be for you. 

Maayan and Gal as young girls


We should have known that the two girls who grew up mixing languages (wearing very questionable clothing), combining traditional holidays, and having a great sense of positivity would know how to put all of those experiences to good use someday...
Maayan and Gal in Portugal
Maayan and Gal laughing

TODAY . . .

We're probably drinking coffee, laughing out loud at a stupid joke we made, and brainstorming new ways to help more women all over the world create a life they actually enjoy - no matter where they are.

Want to know what makes us dance like crazy in the living room? Receiving a heartening text from a woman who just relocated abroad and is ecstatic about her life and decision. Make someone else smile. Busting limiting beliefs about life abroad. Spreading the joy of living life to the fullest.

For those of you who are just getting to know us, we believe that life is about living! and that everyone should create a life they actually enjoy living, regardless of where they live or how long they stay there. We can't wait to show you what we mean...

Is the combination of SMOOTH & POSITIVE

Plus, little anecdote, for the past 20 years we call each other "Smoothy" so we couldn't find a better name, right? 

Approximately 80% of women report feeling frustrated and stressed in the first few years after relocating overseas. will feel unbalanced, doubtful, and overwhelmed for a long time afterwards. We’re on a mission to make each and every one of you feel better!

Smoozitive started as a positivity challenge designed to encourage women to take active steps toward a more positive life. It positively impacted the lives of so many women but something was missing.

Many of us feel like we’re living in survival mode, physically living, taking care of all the to-do lists and creating routines to feel more comfortable abroad. We’re so focused on that, that we forget to actually live.

Looking back on our personal lives, we realized that what helped us move abroad with ease, and truly create a life we enjoy living every day, was our mindset. The more we positively trained our mindset and practiced daily, the better we dealt with challenges. We just couldn’t keep this to ourselves. It was no surprise, as we’ve been expat since forever, that we both wanted to help women moving abroad to do the same.

CO-FOUNDER & Positive Psychology Coach


Gal is the co-founder of Smoozitive. A few years ago, Gal decided to devote her time and energy to helping others bloom and feel better. Using her Master's degree in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology she guides her clients toward the life they desire for themselves.

Expat since forever (first move when she was only 2 years old), her most recent move to France in 2020 became an opportunity to focus her work on women living abroad - as she understands what they are going through. Gal is an expert in cultivating a positive mindset and lifting people up.

Fun facts: she is the sandwich sibling, making her Maayan's little sister; shoe-addict, coffee-lover and Hope is her top character strength.

Gal Sela Szmelcman Co-Founder of Smoozitive
Maayan Szmelcman Yerushalmy Co-Founder of Smoozitive
CO-FOUNDER & Mindset Training Specialist


As the co-founder of Smoozitive, Maayan is the imaginative & calm side of the business. After putting aside her successful graphic design business in Israel, she moved to France with her family, and opted to spend even more time with Gal in order to help other women handle better their expat journeys, just as she did.

Maayan is an expert in expat mindset training who blends her own life experiences (relocated 7 times, and lived in many more cities) with her substantial yoga and mindfulness skills. She has helped countless women see the good in their life, make changes and feel better about themselves throughout the years.

Fun facts: she is the family's eldest sister, mother of 2, stands on her hands to relax, turns words that stress her out into songs, and her top character strength is Curiosity.

We set out to increase the awareness regarding the expected challenges we know most expat are dealing with one way or another, and build a business devoted to provide valuable coping skills, coaching and support on different levels to meet the needs of women living abroad in their different life situations.

We know, one of the things most women living abroad are facing is feeling alone and misunderstood, that’s why we also created a community of amazing women to provide them a safe place where they can share their experiences, get advice and create a sense of belonging.

"It was refreshing to learn that there were other expats who felt like I do. I appreciated the safe place to be me without any judgment, but even more the encouragements I received from you and the other girls. Thank you so much."

- Sofia, The Netherlands


No more feeling alone, misunderstood and unheard. No more 'I don't think I can do this'. No more letting the stress take control. No more doing it all on your own. Want to ROCK this life abroad and receive the support and empowerment you actually need to do it? Here's where you want to be.

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