Are you living by your core values?

be yourself personal values positive psychology tips for expats Mar 06, 2022
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Your values will always be reflected in your behaviors.
Once we understood this, a lot of things changed for us. It gave us clarity, better understanding and helped us reconnect with ourselves - which is super important especially when living abroad.

Peace is a top value for both of us, in our personal lives but also on a greater scale.
These days the world is facing a real tragedy. We see the images on the news and can't believe this is happening. The lost lives of human beings from both side of the war saddens us deeply. War should never be the solution.

We want to take this opportunity to invite you, our dear community member, to talk to us. If this situation is hard on you, triggers you, if you feel like you need someone to share things with - we are here for you. No matter where you are from, please reach out to us.

Let's talk a bit about core values . . .

You might not even notice, but every moment of your day, you are making decisions based on your values. You’re choosing how to spend your time and energy, where you want to put your focus on and how you want to do things.

Values are in fact basic beliefs that guide our steps in life. They are what motivates our actions and makes us choose a way instead of another.
In fact, all our interactions with ourselves and others are based on these core values.

When we live by our values, we can feel better about ourselves and we can focus more on doing those things that really are important to us.
Funny enough, when we don't live by our values (even if we are not 100% aware of what are values are), we feel like something is wrong or "off". This is our instinct telling us we distance ourselves from our own values.

Our values tend to change & adapt over time based on different life situations. And you probably have a couple of values at the same time. The thing is to learn how to prioritize them and accept that those priorities are changing based on the different situations you are facing.

The key is to make sure that your behavior and your values are aligned at each given moment.

Different researches suggest having 3-5 core values to live by, those guidelines that are really the top of our priorities.

If you are not sure what are your core values, we found this free test online. We took the test a couple of months ago and the result were very on point and insightful. We invite you to take the test, and you can even share your results with us!

Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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