Being in the NOW. A bit cliché, but so important.

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"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." – C.S. Lewis

Time is given. It does not pass, it just continues.

How we perceive the time we have, and how we spend our day-to-day - makes all the difference between someone who feels like she quite wasted her time, and someone who feel like she fully lived it.

We only got one life.
It might sound a bit cliché we know, but it's true.
It's not that tomorrow we can have a re-do for today, or last week.
And as much as we want to plan things, we can't have a rehearsal and expect things to turn exactly like that.

So basically, what really counts, is... NOW.

As expat, we never know how much time we will spend in a place -
🌟 Some come with a work contract for a couple of years (then decide to stay 20 years more, like our parents).
🌟Some go on an adventure that has no limits.
🌟Some fall in love - with themselves, the city, a partner ... and never want to leave.
🌟Some come for a quicky and figure out their happy place is elsewhere.

But honestly, most of us don't know how much time we will spend where we are right now. Do you know how long you'll stay?

Interestingly, this uncertainty sometimes, makes us go into a "super-routine" so that we feel safe, comfortable, and more in control.

We focus so much of our energy on creating habits that will help us cope, on taking care of what we need to, on making sure everyone else is okay, on pushing ourselves to make this life abroad happen . . .

. . . so much that we forget to live!

Then a week passes, and a month, and a year and you reflect back, asking yourself "what have I done this year?"

Can you relate to this?

We surely can! in the past, we sometimes went so much into the routine mode that it felt like life passed by us. That's when it hit us . . . life isn't about just physically living, it's about feeling present & alive!


Do you think you're fully living your life?

How would you know? Here are a couple guiding questions for you:

🪄 Have you done something this week that matches your values?

🪄 At the end of a day, do you feel a sense of satisfaction & content?

🪄 Have you done something today that you really wanted to do rather than something that was required of you?

🪄 Was there anything that got you enthusiastic or excited during the day?

🪄 Have you seen, done, experienced something new recently?

🪄 Were your activities this week meaningful in your opinion?

We're inviting you to take some time now (and we really mean now), answer those questions and reflect on it.

Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Jason Yoder on Unsplash

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