Dare to feel good

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To dare to act & feel good, is to dare to come alive.

Life is meant to be lived, to experience, to evolve, to enjoy!
True we all have our long or short to-do lists, but those things usually don't make us feel alive or great about ourselves.
Daring to fulfil your own needs, without feeling guilty - can fill up your energy cup in order to take care of all the rest. But daring to do things that makes you feel good - can truly make you feel alive!

❤️ Having a quiet coffee moment with myself
❤️ A caring hug
❤️ Dancing in the rain
❤️ Making someone else smile
❤️ Cooking a favorite meal & eating it

These are a few of our favorite things (just like Julie Andrews' song which is another thing that makes us feel good)

We all get so consumed by the large amount of things we have to do, that we tend to forget ourselves in the process.
Then, from time to time, we do something that makes us feel good and alive - and we wonder "Why am I not doing this more often?"

Really, why?! Why aren't we doing things that makes us feel good more often?

The common answer we got to this question is - lack of time aka "I don't have time for this".

But let us tell you a secret, investing a couple of minutes each day to do something that makes you feel good - actually increases your energy levels, makes you more productive & motivated, boost your resilience and makes you feel alive! All those things are so beneficial to your wellbeing.

So we dare you to be stronger than your own excuses, and do something that makes you feel good, today! and tomorrow! and the day after . . .

Not sure what to do? Here are a couple ideas:

✨ Think of the last time you felt energized & smiling - what were you doing on this day? Do it today too.

✨ Dancing & singing are proved to be very effective to boost our energy levels - so play a song you like and let yourself enjoy this moment fully.

Join our 14-days FREE challenge - Actively Alive - in which we will give you every day a simple action to do that will make you feel good, boost your energy, and add some positivity to your day to day. 

Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Katie Treadway on Unsplash

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