"Give me a minute to overthink this"

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A couple of weeks ago I saw a T-shirt with this saying "Give me a minute to overthink this" and it made me laugh so much. Because let's face it, we often overthink it. We tend to look for all the problems, all the reasons why things won't work or will go wrong . . .

Imagine how our day to day would look like if we would invest all this energy in looking for solutions. It would be better, right?!

While I was enjoying my lazy morning in bed today . . .

. . . It hit me! I forgot to write our article of the week. 

My head started spinning. We usually post it early in the morning, I will never be able to write a good enough content for it just like that, PLUS I was so cozy in bed and my laptop far away.

But then I remembered that what I planned for this week's topic was looking for solutions instead of problems.

The best thing we can do in those moments, is take a pause, breath, and get back.

So I stopped this overthinking moment, went to take my laptop from the office, came back to bed, and here I am writing this.

True, my morning situation was not a super problematic one; but still, instinctively we, as human beings (and women even more) tend to look for the problems, the negative consequences, the possible complications.

And guess what - when we look for the problems - we usually find them. It's that simple.
We create our own reality.

So what if we focused all this energy on the other direction?
Wouldn't we benefit from it more?
The simple answer is YES! definitely yes.

When we start looking for the solutions, the opportunities, the options - we make our reality simpler and easier to digest.
It's not that the problems or challenges disappear - they are here, it's a fact.
But by focusing our attention on looking for solutions - we can minimize the drama.

And especially we can avoid creating additional problems that are not even there (yet).

We believe the best is to practice those shifts in attitude where it's easy and comfortable. When you are less emotional about the situation and you can safely take a moment to step away from the situation, pause for a moment, breath and look for solutions.

We invite you to pay attention to the following, during the next week: when are you "looking for problems" and when are you "looking for solutions". You'll soon find out which areas you can practice this shift more easily. And then practice.

Practice doesn't make it perfect, but it makes it better! 

Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Bruce Dixon on Unsplash

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