Lets put some boundaries

Jul 03, 2022

Boundaries are a way for us to protect ourselves, but also it can be perceived as a 'manual' for others on how to behave around us.

We talked about it this week on The Coffee Talkie Show you can catch up the episode here on YouTube or Spotify

Let us ask you this: do you sometimes wished that a person in your life, say a friend, a partner, a kid... Would come with a manual? A 'how to handle' kind of brochure?

Something that will help you understand what you can or can't do around this person. 


Well, Boundaries are exactly that.

Every adult (kids sometimes as well) has a set of boundaries that they created over the years, based on their life events, their values, their culture and the way they see and understand the world. 

It can be in so many different aspects of their life.


We all need boundaries.

For ourselves first. We need to know what is acceptable to us and what's not. 


There are two key things about boundaries:

1. You need to be super clear about it! To yourself and to others.

A vague boundary will not get you the result you want. 

Be clear!


2. Know the consequences of a crossed boundary.

What happens if someone will cross your boundary?

What happen to them and what will happen to you? 


Boundaries are not set in stone ( not all of them at least).

Take a moment from time to time to evaluate your set of boundaries. Are they all still serving you? Do they fit in your environment? Do you need to add more?

Make adjustments according to yourself at the present moment, your location and your situation. 


And remember that it's a two ways street. You have to respect your own boundary, otherwise there is no point.

For example if you wouldn't accept someone yelling at you, you shouldn't yell at someone else (or yourself). The person in front of you might have a set of clear boundaries and consequences that you are not expecting. 


Use your set of boundaries in a way that it serves you for the best. And respect other's as well. 


We invite you today to evaluate your set of boundaries, see if they need an adjustment, and if you feel like it, you can book here a free friendly call with us and we can discuss it together


Sending positive vibes your way ✨

Maayan & Gal 


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio 

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