Me? Selfish? Not At All

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"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary." Mandy Hale

We are more alive, more present in the world around us, more giving and more understanding - when we make time & prioritize our wants and needs.

If you think about it - that's actually the least selfish we can be, while we honor ourselves.

So many women around the world believe being selfless is a good thing,
mainly because that's what we were taught since a young age.

And true, being selfless has its benefits on our mental state and wellbeing, but if we are not prioritizing ourselves we may begin to make sacrifices that not only harm or limit us, but eventually hurt people we love.

Actually, taking care of ourselves is essential to establishing a good life for ourselves and the others we care about.

Seems logical, right?!
Then. . . why so many of us fall short in prioritizing ourselves?

Well the simple answer to this question is - we lose ourselves in the process of doing all the other things we got to do, which is especially true when living abroad!

And when our 'to-do list' get super long... we tend to prioritize everything else before us.

This has to stop.

Here's why:

1. When our tank is empty, we can't give to others

Think of yourself as a tank of water.
At each given moment you have a certain amount of water in your tank.

When your day to day is filled up with responsibilities and making sure you fulfil the needs of everyone else, you basically empty your tank little by little without adding water back in. This way, pretty quickly you might find your tank empty, and yourself drained, and thirsty.

We don't say you have to stop taking care of others, on the contrary.

But in order for you do it, you have to make sure you have enough water for yourself, and then you can give to others.

2. When we prioritize ourselves, we put less pressure on others

Each one of us has basic needs - that's a fact, and in order to function well - we look for ways to meet those needs. When living abroad, some of our basic needs get badly affected, and as a result we might feel low, frustrated and grumpy.

Most of the time we will look for external solution to fill these needs - our partner, kids, friends, work, extensive workouts, food . . .

However, by doing so, we put so much pressure on those external things, and other people to fulfil our needs, when they actually can't. They can help, they can cheer you up, they can make you feel good for a moment - but in the long run - this behavior create so much stress that it might bring you both down.

But when you find the solutions inside yourself, when you meet your own needs - you don't have to depend on other external things or people - and you can then release the pressure.

Oh and super important,

Prioritizing yourself is something you have to take!
Nobody is going to just give it to you... so you got to do it for yourself. 


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Sending positive vibes your way ✨

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