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How to upgrade or downgrade your SYLA membership

Everything you need to know about your SYLA membership

At Smoozitive, we are constantly working to improve our services and add new programs to our mobile app SYLA so that you have a seamless experience and can create a life you enjoy living without the burden of the logistics that comes with the relocation journey abroad. 

The SYLA subscription is the first step into your simpler and smoother experience abroad. You can use our app for free and get limited access to some videos on our various programs, and full access to the written Magazine. Or you can upgrade your account by subscribing to our membership plan.  

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How do you upgrade your SYLA membership?

Step 1: 
Login to your SYLA app.

Step 2: 
At the top right corner, click on the little crown icon.

​Step 3:
You can now choose if you want to upgrade to a Monthly or Yearly plan. 

Step 4:
It will open your payment getaway (Apple of Google). Pick your preferred payment method, and click 'Subscribe'.

Congrats!!! You have successfully upgraded your SYLA membership, and can now access ALL the content inside the app. 

Upgrade your SYLA membership via our app

How do you downgrade your SYLA membership?

Our membership, with full access to our app is here for you, but we understand that sometimes, the free version is enough, so if you want to downgrade and go back to your limited access - you can simply do it via Apple or Google Play store. We explain it in details here >>