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What's included in my SYLA app membership

Introduction to SYLA app membership

The SYLA app is available for free download via your app store, whether you're on Android or iOS. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can find more information about how to subscribe to SYLA here.

As a free member, you can start exploring SYLA without any pressure. You get to check out all our programs and see which ones suit you best. Watch the first video of any program to meet our experts and understand what it's all about. And don't forget our Shorties – quick videos full of helpful tips, tricks, and articles in our Magazine. It's your chance to dive in and see what SYLA has to offer!

Ready to unlock the full potential of your SYLA experience?
Upgrade your membership to a paid plan, available on both monthly and yearly subscriptions. With this upgrade, you gain access to the entire collection of SYLA programs, meticulously curated to meet your needs on your relocation journey and simplify your life abroad.

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What's included in your SYLA paid membership:

Full access to all programs and video content: 
Dive into a wealth of resources easy-to-digest video content that was specifically created for you by worldwide experts to serve you best and meet your various relocation needs. 

Track your progress and be active: 
​Understanding what the experts are sharing is excellent, but it's even better when you're putting what you learn into practice, and take real actions! That's why we asked each expert to share practical action steps with you - and now you can mark what action you took so you can keep track. 

Download all the additional resources:
Some of our experts took it a step further, and created unique downloadable resources for you. From handy workbooks to guided meditations, empower yourself with valuable tools to navigate the challenges of life abroad with confidence.

PLUS all that's available for the free users...
... including the shorties videos, the magazine articles and of course being the first to know about upcoming programs. 

Discover all the programs available on SYLA app by smoozitive