5 Magazines That Bring Me Joy While Living Abroad

Explore a curated list of magazines that bring joy and inspiration to life abroad, offering insights into slow living, mental health, expat experiences, creativity, and personal development.

Gal Szmelcman Sela

Friday, March 22, 2024

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Since I can remember myself I loved paper hard-copy magazines. In a world flooded with pixels and screens, there's something undeniably special about turning the crisp pages of a tangible publication, immersing oneself in its stories, savoring each moment of discovery, day-dreaming about amazing places.

It's funny, growing up in France, every time we traveled with the family, we had this tradition to go inside a 'Relay' store and each of us would buy one or more magazines to read on the way. Over the years it became part of my self-care routine. A great moment, with a warm coffee and some quiet Me-Time.

Unfortunately, I didn't always have this opportunity. Not every country has this culture of magazine reading. So when I recently relocated back to France, I was so happy to re-embrace this self-care routine in my life.

As a magazine-fan and lover of positive living, while I was reading the latest issue of a magazine I adore, I decided to share some of my favorite ones' with you.​

The Simple Things​

For me, The Simple Things is more than just a magazine—it's a lifestyle. I first discovered this great magazine about a decade ago when I lived in London. With its focus on slow living, mindfulness, and finding beauty in the everyday, this publication speaks directly to my soul.

Whether it's a recipe that celebrates the flavors of the season, a craft project to ignite my creativity, or a story that warms my heart, each issue feels like a warm hug from a dear friend. In a fast-paced world, The Simple Things reminds me to pause, appreciate, and savor the simple joys that make life truly meaningful.

Oh and I recently discovered it's also available in French - which helped me improve my French while taking care of myself - WIN WIN moment!!!

Happiful Magazine

Mental health and wellbeing are topics close to my heart, especially as someone who values positive living and self-care. Happiful Magazine is a beacon of light in a sometimes dark world, offering insights, advice, and stories of hope for those navigating life's challenges (and let's be honest, navigating life abroad has its own extra layer of challenges, right?).

From practical tips for managing stress to inspiring personal accounts of resilience and recovery, each issue reminds me that it's okay not to be okay sometimes and that taking time to take care of myself is a sign of strength, not weakness. In a society that often prioritizes productivity over self-care, Happiful Magazine for me is a refreshing reminder to prioritize our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wherever Magazine​

Wherever magazine the homes issue cover

As a seasoned expat, I first found this magazine while scrolling through my Instagram. And I am so happy I did! First because it's full of great content, excellent interviews and practical tips for those living abroad like me.

Secondly, around two years back, we found ourselves chatting with Rowena, the amazing editor-in-chief of the magazine. And guess what? That chat turned into something awesome—a regular column in the magazine! We call it 'As Good As Our Mindset,' and let me tell you, we're totally hooked on writing these pieces.
It's like our little corner to share thoughts, stories, and all kinds of cool stuff that vibes with us. So yeah, we're pretty stoked about it!

Recently, we wrote an article about gratitude and beauty, which you can read online.

Or if you live in Lisbon or Algarve - you could go and grab yourself a hard-copy and enjoy those moments of quiet and magazine-reading like I do.

Actually, if you're like me, living in Paris - you'll be happy to know that you can grab a free copy of this amazing magazine in a couple of locations such as O'Sullivans- Franklin D Roosevelt, Fulltimeglam or at the events of Lost in Frenchlation.

(Photo by Gal Szmelcman-Sela)

Flow Magazine​

In a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming, Flow is somehow my refuge. The magazine for paper-lovers like me. Honestly, it's a tranquil oasis of creativity, mindfulness, and positivity.

Just earlier today, as I was at the train station going from Marseille to Paris, I enjoyed my 'traditional' visit to the 'Relay' store and grabbed a copy of the latest issue of Flow Magazine (yesss they have this one too in French!). The title spoke to me, plus when I randomly opened the magazine, I came across an article titled "We can deal with dark subjects in a light way". I immediately knew I'm going to get it and enjoy this issue. And I was right.

The beautifully designed pages, thought-provoking articles, and hands-on activities... this magazine invites me to slow down - which is exactly what I needed today.

So if you feel like the world is pulling you in a million different directions, and you need a reminder to prioritize your mental and emotional wellbeing - this magazine is your answer.

The Good Life Men's Magazine​

the good life men's magazine hockey issue

While I was going over those magazines I enjoy so much, I came to realize all of them may lean towards a more feminine audience. So I decided to do a little research online to find something that could resonate more with the men in the crowd. That's how I came across 'The Good Life Men's Magazine'. At least they made it very clear who they were talking to haha.

From what I read, they offer a fresh perspective on masculinity and personal development. This magazine focuses on practical skills, lifestyle tips, and insights from thought leaders. Each issue empowers the readers to navigate the complexities of modern life with confidence and authenticity. From career advice to relationship tips, all with a very positive approach - this magazine seems like a great one - so I'm happy to recommend it.​

I don't know (but sincerely hope so) if my words have resonated with you and inspired you to set aside your phone, even just for a short while, in order to immerse yourself in the pages of a paper magazine. Taking care of ourselves is important; and this small act of self care can easily become a recharging moment.

If I got you reading any of these magazines - I'm truly happy!
and I am confident that you'll feel joy in this very soon too!

P.S. These are genuine reflections of my personal experiences and preferences. None of the recommendations I've shared include affiliate links. My aim was to offer sincere insights into magazines that have brought joy and inspiration into my life. So, rest assured, when I speak of these publications, it's purely out of a love for their content and the positive impact they've had on me. Happy reading!

Gal Szmelcman-Sela
Founder of Smoozitive

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