Conquering Limiting Beliefs: Unleash Your Potential Abroad.

Uncover and conquer limiting beliefs to unleash your potential abroad and embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation.

Maayan & Gal Founders of Smoozitive

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

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Imagine this: You're on the edge of a new chapter, feeling both excited and unsure. You're about to make that monumental shift – relocating overseas, embracing the unfamiliar, and venturing into the unknown.

Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? But hold comes the doubt. "Am I truly capable of this?" "Is the timing right?" "What if it's too challenging?" Those pesky thoughts begin to creep in, silently articulating the notorious phrases of self-doubt: restrictive beliefs.

These are the unseen cords that can prevent us from pursuing the grand journey we yearn for. But guess what? We're here to cut those cords, to expose those crafty beliefs, and to assist you in marching forward with assurance.

Join us as we uncover and conquer Limiting Beliefs, so your dreams can be louder than whispers.

Exploring the Subconscious Barriers:

Before we plunge into the depths of these cunning adversaries, let's take a moment to comprehend what we're truly up against.
As implied by their name, limiting beliefs are the ideas and presumptions that confine our capabilities. They are the "I can't" and "I'm not" statements that frequently come with a stifling hold.

These beliefs may seem like caution, but they often come from past experiences, societal norms, or unintentional childhood lessons.

Consider them as the misconceptions we've unknowingly assimilated over time.

Revealing the Limiting Belief:

Ready to face these secret infiltrators head-on? Here are the most common limiting beliefs that hold us back from moving and living overseas. Let's bring them into focus.

Couple lying on bed near boxes thinking about their move abroad

1. "I Can't Afford To Move Abroad"

But beneath this concern from the cost of living abroad, could there be a more precise question: Can I afford the lifestyle I want while living overseas? Is it truly that you 'can't afford it'? Or maybe it requires some adjustments, stepping outside your comfort zone, preparations etc.

2. "It's Not The Right Time" or "I Can't Do It Now Because..."

Sound familiar? But actually, like in many other things in life, it's never the right time. Never the right time to quit a job, never the right time to have kids, never the right time to start investing, never the right time for a life change... Maybe later, when the kids are older, summer ends, and the birds will be singing.

The important part is - Timing is a choice. Your choice. Only you can decide when is the right time to do something.

And may we ask you (we love this saying)... When will now be a good time?

3. "Life Abroad Is Too Hard"

This one's a classic, isn't it? What if this belief only relies on others' experiences and beliefs, concealing a hidden source of strength? You have the ability to make things different, better, and enjoyable. This might be the perfect opportunity for some personal growth.

4. "I'm Too Old for This Sh*t"

Age, like life experience, can be a superpower. Who decides the right age to move abroad? Could this belief be missing the bigger picture? Life abroad is so much more than what you see on social media.

5. "It's Impossible to Move with Teenagers"

Oh, those teenage years! But could this belief be keeping your kids away from a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a potential for growth, and shared adventures?

6. "I'm Single, I'll Be Alllll by Myself!"

Cue the heartstring-tugging Celine Dion song. But what if this belief isn't giving you credit for the strength and connections you already have?​

​You got the point right? Beliefs are just thoughts. You might have repeated them to yourself enough times to actually believe in them. But are they genuinely true?

The Turning Point:

Some of our beliefs have deeper roots than others, but once you start, you'll see - you can challenge all of your beliefs! And decide which one actually helps you live the life you want for yourself, and which is holding you back.

So what can we do when we realize we have a limiting belief?

We flip it! Creating a new belief.

We've got a little challenge for you. Let's call it the "Belief Flip Challenge."

Alright, it's time to roll up your sleeves and turn things around, for your own benefit. Here's how to make those flips:

1. Question the Belief: 
Ask yourself, "Is this belief true?"
We often think our beliefs are facts, but they're usually from experience or fears.

2. Gather Evidence:
Ask yourself, "What proof do I have to validate this belief?"
Sometimes, we come to realize that we have built our old beliefs on shaky ground. We always find proof for the limiting beliefs, and the empowering ones. It's up to us to decide which direction we focus our attention.

3. Craft Empowering Beliefs:
Now comes the fun part – crafting new beliefs that serve you. Instead of saying "I can't afford it", consider, "I am resourceful and capable of creating the lifestyle I desire".
And don't forget to gather evidence for that too! Based on previous experience, your surroundings, strengths, role models. It's out there (in you in some cases!), be sure of that!

Turning Your Belief System into Stepping Stones:​

So, what's the result of this belief-flipping magic? Instead of stumbling over invisible barriers, you're now stepping on stones that lead to your dreams.

Those whispers of doubt? The negative self-talk? The echoes of your own empowering declarations have already replaced them.

Speaking of empowerment, let's discuss tools that help you stay on the path of belief-busting success. Have you explored our Coffee Talkie Show episode, "Unleash Your Potential Abroad: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs"? Tune in to this insightful discussion on your favorite podcast plateforme, where we discussed the impact of these beliefs on your journey.​

Beliefs That Can Move You:

As you take each step forward, remember that your own set of beliefs is your companion on this journey.

Your beliefs are not roadblocks, but rather signs that point you toward achieving your goals, expansion, and transformation.

So, as you stand on the cusp of a new adventure, let your dreams roar louder than those doubts. Your potential is limitless, your journey is extraordinary, and your beliefs are yours to shape. It's time to rewrite the story – one belief flip at a time.

Cheers to you, your dreams, and the boundless possibilities that await! And remember, we're always here for you, so you'll never have to do this all alone.

Maayan & Gal
Founders of Smoozitive

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