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Jewels Lamm

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Do you ever feel like you are doing too much and still feel like it is not enough?

Maybe, you are working hard, handling everything at your job but still feeling like it is not enough to get that desired promotion.

Maybe, you’ve gotten the promotion (or the degree, or the relationship) but still having a feeling of emptiness and like achieving that goal didn’t give you the fulfillment you thought it would.

Maybe you are doing all the things in your relationships and it still feels like it is not enough to get you to the love and partnership you desire.

Maybe you are trying to be the perfect parent or partner or expatriate running around doing all of the things, handling everything, and holding things together but people are still asking you for more or it never feels like it is enough to make everyone happy.

Do any of these situations feel familiar to you?

First, I want to let you know that you are not alone.

I have been there.
I feel you.

Second, I want to let you in on a secret: doing more will not help you to feel like you are enough or like you’ve done enough. It will not help you feel fulfilled or happy.


I am here to help you get some relief and create space for a flow of energy within yourself.

So far, you’ve been operating out of a deficient model such as;


For example, when I get that promotion (DO), I will make more money (HAVE), then I will be successful (BE).

Another example,

When my unhappy conditions change (HAVE), then I will be happy (BE).

The key is that you have to lean more into being than doing just because when you feel not enough, it is an internal issue - you are BEING not enough. That is why you cannot solve your internal issue with external outcomes or the DO - HAVE - BE model.

Are you intrigued? 
​Yes, let’s create a model shift:


For example, When I am successful (state of being) (BE), then I cause more success from my spirit of being successful already.

Another example:

When I am happy (BE), I cause happy conditions.

Can you see the difference?

I love talking about the Universal Laws that govern our Divine Nature.

One of the Universal Laws that supports the model of BE - DO - HAVE is the

Law of Cause and Effect.

You are the Cause of the effect you want to create and experience.

Your state of BEING is the CAUSE.

Who is in charge of your state of BEING?

It is YOU as you exercise your power of self-awareness and your power of choice.
You are a co-creator of your life “effects”.

Who are you BEING when you are doing?

Who are you BEING when you are having?

According to our Divine Creation, our natural (Divine) state of BEING IS:

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Abundance
  • Possibility

Want to test it out?

When you feel happy (being happy), it feels good!
You feel expensive.
Your heart is open.
You are more willing to play (get your guard down).
Your nervous system is calm and supportive of your path.

Feel your body! Your body never lies!

Being happy and joyful is our natural state because it allows us to access our power of creativity, imagination, intuition and resourcefulness. It allows us to be open to the miracles of co-creation. It reminds us that we are not alone. We are a part of this abundant, friendly and loving Universe. Our energy of being love, joy and happiness is our natural frequency for creation or doing. The Universe always responds to the frequency of who we are being.

Try it out:

Decide to be happy and joyful for a day.

When you intentionally decide to be happy, you naturally start thinking happy thoughts and noticing (magnetizing) happy people because your energetic frequency is based on who you are being = what you are feeling.

I used to be very negative.

I carried a lot of past conditioning and generational trauma of: “you can not be too happy or too joyful” because of “wait for a shoe to drop”. I was disconnected with my body and dissociated with my emotions until I built my capacity for feeling joyful and feeling safe at the same time.

It is not about “forcing” yourself to feel joyful but it is more about training your nervous system to feel a wide spectrum of emotions and re-calibrate back to joy, happiness and love. This is the state where you are connected to your miraculous gifts - creativity, imagination, intuition, resourcefulness and Divine Guidance. You are just more powerful in this state.

Imagine yourself navigating your life challenges but with more joy, which allows you to tap into your creative and abundant resourcefulness where you can connect to many possibilities and ideas. Adding joy is helping you to feel more expansive vs contracted. Feeling (being) contracted takes a lot of energy and it is not helping anyone.

When I used to be negative and unhappy, I attracted similar people and similar situations that made me feel “safe” at feeling negative. My body felt “safe” to feel what’s been known for a while.

As I did my own inner healing and built my capacity to feel my emotional spectrum and my Divine Essence of joy, I started to attract many joyful and happy people and situations.

Yep, our natural state of being is happiness and joy and our body lets us know by releasing some feeling “good” hormones to confirm it and affirm it. Feeling good feels good to create what you want to create in your life. When you feel good, it takes less energy for you to take actions because it feels aligned and supported by your body - your Divine Essence.

Ask yourself:

What brings me joy? And follow that!
How could I add more joy to whatever I am creating?
How could I feel more joyful about being in this new country?

Yes, we are meant to experience an array of other emotions.
Navigating through the spectrum of all emotions that are available to humankind and building resiliency and capacity to contract and then expand back to joy is one of the most essential skills that a human can learn.

Do you practice connecting to your body to feel your beingness (your emotions)?

Do you have a tendency to “think” your emotions vs to feel your emotions?

Do you have some past history that reminds you it is unsafe to feel joy?​

If you are ready to connect to your body and learn to re-calibrate to your Divine Essence of joy, love and happiness, you can schedule a first 20 min initial session with me.

​You do not need to “prove” yourself by doing to be the JOY THAT YOU ALREADY ARE!
What you need to do is to EMBODY THE JOY YOU ARE!
Receive your own gift!
And you can EXPAND!

🎙️ P.S - In 2023, we recorded a special podcast episode on ‘The Coffee Talkie Show’ (our previous podcast) so if you feel like getting to know Jewels a little better, or dive into what we talked about, we invite you to tune in on Spotify , Apple Podcasts or YouTube.


The Coffee Talkie Show Podcast Episode With Jewels Lamm
Jewels Lamm - Mind & Body Coach

Written by Jewels Lamm - Somatic & Relationship Coach for female high achievers

Coach Jewels, originally from Russia and relocated to the USA, uses body-based (somatic) practices and mindset work to help her clients slow down, regulate their Nervous System, navigate through emotional overwhelm and remove their barriers to love so that they reclaim their power and access their magic within to create thriving relationships starting with themselves.

In her free time, she and her husband love traveling the world and meeting people from other cultures.

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